Monday, April 20, 2009

Pesto-South Broad

After a very busy Sunday afternoon, my immediate family and some out-of-town aunts and uncles were starving! What kind of a restaurant in the city, could seat a party of 11, on fifteen minutes notice, at 7:30pm? Not Ralphs! Called them, and they said there would be an hour wait. We simply couldn't wait that long.

Then, my genius younger brother, Michael, remembered a delicious Italian place he'd been to 5 years ago--Pesto, on the 1900 block of South Broad street. A small round of applause is in order for Michael. What a find!

Not only did we get to park in the middle of Broad Street, but as soon as we got into the restaurant they led us back to a private room. Gianna's Room, I believe it was called. A long rectangular table sat all 11 of us very comfortably. And the evening only got better from there.

They had 20 0r so specials in addition to the well stocked Italian menu. A few of us ordered Cavatelli, a few chicken parm, one chicken marsala, and another Rigatoni Primavera. The Cavatelli, a ricotta cheese pasta, tossed with lobster meat in a rose sauce was deliciously sweet. The Rigatoni primavera, also served in the rose sauce was smooth, and piping hot.

I could go on about the perfection of the salads, soups and appetizers of all 11 of us. All I'll say is that I was quite impressed by a restaurant that could handle 11 people, 15 minutes after their kitchen was supposed to close, with delicious hot fresh food. We'll be going back to Pesto for sure!

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